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At Guardian Industries, we are currently producing raw castings, machined castings and finished goods for a variety of manufacturing concerns. Some of our customers include major manufacturers of industrial valves, trailer components, and railroad car accessories. Utilizing local and international sources, we pride ourselves in the ability to produce high-quality castings at extremely competitive rates. We further have the ability to provide finished goods through our machining and powder coating operations.

As with all manufacturing processes, certain fundamental relationships are essential to the production of good quality, economical castings and finished goods. Our long-standing relationships, current volume of work, and ownership in the sources that we utilize puts us in a unique position to provide you, the consumer, with the best possible prices available. Our objective is to produce castings that are free from defects and that meet your requirements for strength, dimensional accuracy, and surface finish.

Thank you for considering Guardian Industries for your casting and manufacturing needs.

Equipment and Facilities

Evaporative Pattern Casting (Lost Foam)
  • Allows castings with greater detail and design flexibility
  • Greater dimensional accuracy
  • On-site polystyrene molding machine
  • Steel and iron castings
  • Minimizes finish work
  • Economically feasible

Pattern Making
  • We have the most skilled pattern makers in the world
  • Rates that are extremely competitive compared to local sources
  • Dramatically reduced machining needs
  • Auto-Cad R13 Design System for pattern and production components

Sand Mold Castings
  • No-Bake Mold Process
  • Steel and iron castings
  • Very competitive cost per pound
  • Castings from 2 oz. to 350 pounds

Machine Shop Equipment
  • Full complement of manufacturing equipment including CNC machining, lathes, mills, drill presses, indexing turret machines, tapping machines, automatic screw machines, and metal cleaning equipment
  • Check our prices against any in the World

Powder Paint and Plating Shop
  • A variety of powder coatings available
  • Galvanized and Nickel plating also available

Heat Treating Facility
  • On-site heat treat available

Engineering Services
  • We can provide product designs or manufacturing support functions including process plans and machine jigs and fixtures

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